[Pf] Making Buddha

-Making Buddha-

The factory was built in Eastern Tibet where was over 3,000m high. There were some young people who were about 20 years old. They made statues of Buddha. They bang copper, heat, and weld them from dusk to dawn. Then, board of copper become statues of Buddha. The statues is prayed by Tibetan eternally.

The first time I visited there, a woman was 20 years old and her daughter was 0 years old. They were come from Tibet Autonomous Region. I have taken pictures for one and half years. The daughter is now 2 years old. She can run in the factory and play with me.

Generally speaking, it is so hard situation in Tibet now, so journalists focusing that. On the contrary, I am focusing the young people who are inherit their tradition and Tibetan Buddhism. When I tried to take pictures, they acted funny. When they looked picture, they laughed. And they play with kids. Statues of Buddha were made by ordinary young people. It was not different from them in Japanese, I understood.





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